It is not new at all that we live surrounded by superficiality. By not feeling good about ourselves and our essence, we turn to consumerism and use material things to feel better and get accepted by a society that identifies more with brands and fashions, than with the essential and what really matters. The things of the heart are left behind in a world where we are sold everywhere and at high voices, that to be happy it is necessary to consume. In this way more and more, we relate our happiness with the things that can be bought. Being this a false happiness with which we only cheat our ego.

It is this constant desire to pretend what we are not, only to have the approval of others, which takes us away from ourselves and our essence, thus preventing us from sharing what we really are, our nature, with which we can really connect with everything in the universe. That which cannot being seen, but is inside us and we can feel it.

Tips not to fall into the game of superficiality and be loyal to our essence:

1. Be yourself! Do not want to imitate the consumption habits of others. Surely you know someone who always boasts what they have and how much it cost. Remember that when you spend so much time showing others what you have, you begin to forget your value as a human being. Do not do the same just to fit and that certain people accept you, because this will not take you anywhere, rather it will take you away from your essence and you will become a slave of society.

2. Avoid consumerism. The superficiality and the consumerism are always very close, when you go to buy something ask yourself: what will it bring to me? How often am I going to use it? And distinguishes well if it’s just an impulse or a need.

3. Build your own path. And do not always want to go where everyone is going, you must be yourself and let others know you, not because of what you have, but because of what you ARE. You do not have to fulfill the expectations of others, rather, you must be loyal to yourself and let others know you for what is in your heart, this way only people who really love you and care about you will stay by your side.

4. Listen to your heart. When do the things you feel at heart, you are giving more importance to Being than to having. In this way we will realize that our value does not depend on what we have, but on what we have inside us.

5. Find the inner beauty of others. By showing people that for us what is important is their heart and what they have inside, they’ll start doing the same with you. This way they’ll also learn to see and accept your essence.

6. Be humble. Find in your life what really matters and that will take you to your true essence. If we are humble, we will not need material things to be happy. Looking at the blue sky, a sunny day, our family, a smile, a true friendship, love and everything that we can not touch is almost always what gives us happiness.

Lagos de Covadonga, Asturias. Spain

Remember that:

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint Exupéry.



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