2017 was a year that awakened in us an immeasurable force; our inner strength, our own power, a force that we thought was asleep but in reality is alive as a flame and never will leaves us. It was a year in which our soul expanded and many of us discovered our purpose. A purpose to transform the world into a better, more united and warmer place.

We have seen our brothers suffer from natural disasters, but immediately we got down to work in the way we could. Many moved to the affected areas to help with their own hands, others provided financial help, while others prayed and asked God for the victims. We have watched with amazement the progress of inhuman governments, corrupt, incompetent and unable to govern for the good of their citizens, governments that oppress, that create war instead of peace, that take away instead of giving, governments that snatch dreams and silence the voice of the people. We have seen rulers working only for their own interests, racist and xenophobic that awaken the hatred of those who don’t understand that we are all equal and that no one is better than anyone, regardless our religion, race or the country we are from. We have witnessed how terrorism grows, but it doesn’t scare us because we are strong.

2017 was a year of many tests that have contributed to our growth; in which we realized that although in the world there are many people who still hasn’t discover the love that live within them, there are also people who know all the love that they carry inside and love in an immeasurable way; There are people who live in the dark simply because they don’t know how to see their own light, however, the world is also full of people who dazzle us with their light. There is hatred, but there is also much love and although many want to be divided, most of us prefer to be united because we know that together we are stronger.

Yes, it was a difficult year for many, but it was precisely this that made us wake up, realizing that everything we do and what happens to us is reflected in the whole world because it isn’t just “me”, but “us” because here we are all part of the same game and it is necessary to defend the collective interests to be able to transcend and realize that as human beings we are all equal, that we have the same importance, the same rights and that it is necessary to find the best solution for all in order to achieve the common good.

2018 is a new opportunity for us to put aside our differences, to perform simple acts of love that fill our hearts and bring us peace and tranquility. Another year to reconsider: What am I doing? How am I living? How is my relationship with others? What am I choosing? And to realize that no matter how hard they try, a government can never take away our desire to live and dream.

HAPPY 2018!

Namaste 🙏🏽

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