It is very easy to judge ourselves, often we are comparing ourselves with others and reproaching ourselves because we didn’t do this or that, or because something has gone wrong. But making mistakes, falling, tripping are things you’ll find in the road and with them we learn to be better human beings. It’s those mistakes and setbacks that help us to mature and grow, that’s exactly what we have come to this life, to live experiences that contribute to our personal growth, to make us more conscious and better human beings.

If we look more at the qualities we have, at all those things that God put only in us and that make us different and unrepeatable beings, we would always remember that we are an essential part of creation and that we are perfect for our creator. You are here because you have a purpose, because you are important to God, to your family, to your community, to the world and to yourself. Nothing and nobody can make you feel the opposite, not even yourself. So like yourself as you are and stop judging you negatively, because when you judge yourself, you disconnect from your essence and deny the purpose with which God created you.

It is true that we must be critical of our actions because that is how we will learn from them. It is not that we don’t care about anything and forget about the world, on the contrary, every day we must try to be a better version of ourselves. But that self critic, in order to be productive, must be from love and with wisdom, the wisdom of the heart. Being harsh in judging ourselves and punishing ourselves, will only contribute to make us feeling worse and with little self esteem.

Many times we try so hard to fit in, we want to please everyone and show what we worth, that we get away from our essence, becoming what others expect us to be. This is perhaps where the problem begins, because not being able to fulfill all expectations, we begin to feel bad and to judge ourselves, wanting to be what society demands of us and comparing ourselves with others. Forgetting that what really matters is feeling good about ourselves, because after all,

no matter what you do or how you are, if you are a bad or a good person, if you have a good job or not, if you try hard or not to be better every day, there will always be someone who will judge and criticize you.

I know that as human beings we have feelings and many times, even without wanting to, we fall into the mistake of seeing ourselves through the eyes and judgments of others. But people who always judge normally are not happy people and through their judgments they only demonstrate their own frustrations and it’s our mistake to give too much importance to what they think of us, as this causes us an unbalance in our being.

That is why you must be there at all times for you. Giving yourself confidence, loving and respecting yourself, never judging you, rather understanding and valuing you. Trust and respect for oneself is extremely important, so that when everyone doubts about you and judges you, you feel strong knowing what you are worth for you and for God and that everything that others think is irrelevant.

It is necessary to understand that in this journey of life you are your own companion, your own friend and that many people will come and go, but you will always be there for you, you will always have you. That’s why it’s important that we treat well and respect ourselves, since respect is the basis of love. And yes! This also applies to self-love and not only for couples as we always associate it. To love ourselves we must also respect ourselves and thus develop a positive attitude towards ourselves.

Receive much love from me!


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