From the pictures on my instagram blog, you have already imagined that I have a strong weakness for nature. To look at the immense mountains, listening to the sound of the river and find myself in the middle of a leafy forest with giant trees are the things that leave me breathless. I´m happy being just with myself in a cottage in the middle of the mountains where I feel that I can be me, without filters and without trying to “look good” there I can be really myself because nature accepts me as I am. Nature feed me with her energy and essence and she also receive my energy and transforms it by bringing out the best in me.

Unlike the places in Spain famous for their parties, beaches and alcohol, where millionaires go to show off their yachts and luxury cars, Asturias is a place to connect. In the midst of total tranquility, peace and quiet, in Asturia nature invites you to know yourself, to connect with you, and to look inward. I love Asturia because there I feel comfortable, even closer to God and his immense creation, Mother Earth.

IMG_2962 copia.jpg
Country house El colladin, Llerices, Asturias

The first time I went to Asturias, I stayed in Llerices, a small town in Cangas de Onís that, for the pictures I saw on the internet, I knew it was just what I wanted and needed at that moment. Located in the national park of Picos de Europa and close to Covadonga, the rural house where I stayed, El Colladin, was perfect to move easily and know the surroundings of the area. While I was driving towards my destination, I was already impressed with the beauty of the road and when I got there, the first thing I noticed was the kindness of the people and the human warmth with which they received me.

The room in the country house, El colladin, Llerices. Asturias

The room was perfect, with stunning views, it was so nice to wake up in the mornings with the song of the birds and the rays of the sun filtered through the window. But the best surprise was to open the window and see the beautiful mountain that I had just in front of me. It was huge and beautiful, I felt that she spoke to me and welcomed me, I thanked her.


IMG_1504 copia.jpg
Basilica of Covadonga, Asturias, Spain

The first day I went to visit the real place of Covadonga. Also located within the national park Picos de Europa, surrounded by nature, between mountains and forests, is a magical place where you can feel the faith of its locals and those who visit it. It is composed of the basilica of Covadonga and the holy cave of Covadonga. Really, I had not yet seen people in Spain as religious and full of faith as in that place and it was precisely that faith that made it look magical to me.

That same day, later, my intention was to go to the lakes of Covadonga, but when I tried to go they told me that cars were not allowed, that I had to take the bus.  It was already late and the buses were returning,  so I decided to leave that visit for the next day so I could go early in the morning to appreciate it better.

So the next day I took the first bus at 9:00 in the morning. When I got there I made the route around the lakes of Covadonga, Lake Enol, el Ercina and El Bricial. The National Park Picos de Europa is undoubtedly a space for the whole family, whether you go for climbing, cycling or simply to take a quiet walk and admire its beauty.

IMG_1833 copia.jpg
Lakes of Covadonga. El Enol
IMG_1480 copia
Lakes of Covadonga, La Ercina

My second time in Asturias was in the Somiedo National Park. A spectacular place, with an impressive nature that harbors multiple wild species. I drove at night and arrived at the cottage at 2 in the morning, so it was impossible for me to appreciate its beauty. It was until the next day that I could see it. I stayed in a rural house in Pola de Somiedo, submerged between the mountains and in the heart of the natural park.

IMG_0364 copia.jpgBut how I got there was the important thing. I hadn’t planned to go and that afternoon after spending all day working on a personal project, I got a huge desire to return to Asturias, as I had already gone, I looked on the internet for another area different from the one I had already seen. It was already 7:00 at night, when I saw the photos I didn’t hesitate; I called to ask for the availability in the rural house and the voice of a very kind lady answered me that there was room for me, I told her that I would just leave from Madrid and that I would be late, she told me that there was no problem, that they would wait for me. I told the lady that if she wanted my information to make the reservation, and she said no and told me not worry at all, just come, she said. And that was it. I took my car and drove there.

IMG_0503 copia.jpgIn addition to the dark of the road, it was raining a lot. I was affraid; Really, I think that night I prayed more of “our Father in Heaven” than I have prayed in my whole life. To make things worse I saw a sign that read: “Be careful, bear zone” my heart accelerated and the truth is, I was not afraid of being devoured by a bear, my fear was to hit one because it was too dark and I couldn’t see anything. Luckily no bear crossed my path.

IMG_3770 copia.jpgWhen arriving at the rural house I breathed of relief. I slept and the next day I woke up in a magical place, with incredible energy. I felt so full of peace, I didn’t even jump out of the bed to go exploring as I normally do, on the contrary, I took my time, I opened the window and breathed in the pure cold air and did my morning meditation. For once I didn’t care about the time, I felt that I was right where I should be, at the right time. I spoke with God and I thanked him for that moment, for having guided me to that place, because in the way everything happened, I had no doubt that He wanted me to be there.


IMG_8408 copia.jpg
Wolf house, Belmonte, Asturias

Like that the weekend went by, just letting myself go and letting everything flow. I visited the bear house in Pola de Somiedo and the wolf house in Belmonte, half an hour away by car from were I was staying. I tried also to go to the lakes of Saliencia, but the road was frozen and I couldn’t continue.

When I returning to Madrid I decided to deviate a bit to go to Oviedo, capital of the Principality of Asturias. Of course like everything I visited, was impressive and beautiful. The Asturians also super welcoming and friendly made me feel welcome at all times.

IMG_1109 copia.jpg
Santa María del Naranco, Oviedo, Asturias

What makes Asturias a magical place for me, is that whenever I am there I have always had the feeling that it is my place, I feel at home and closer to God.



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