Hello everyone!

More and more at home we lean towards a healthy and natural diet. A good, natural, ecological diet, free of artificial flavors and without preservatives can make much difference in the health and growth of our children.

That is why I have decided to make these homemade vegetable cubes completely natural! I’ve already tried them at home and really! They give an incredible flavor to any meals.

This is a solution to make more natural and chemical-free meals without those cubes that are sold in supermarkets full of coloring, flavorings and ingredients that we don´t even know what they are. This way you will be completely sure that the ingredients you use to feed your family are 💯 percent natural!

The ingredients for these vegetable cubes are:

1 Turnip
2 Carrots
1 Zucchini
1 Potato
1 onion
4 cups of kale
3 Cups of Chard
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
2 stalks of celery
4 asparagus
3 garlic cloves
1 teaspoon of coconut oil
150 milliliters of Himalayas salt


In the teaspoon of coconut oil we stir-fry all the vegetables with the salt. Cover and let cook over medium low heat for 40 to 50 minutes. The vegetables should be very soft. Once cooked we process them in the blender.

We return the mixture to the heat so that the liquid evaporates and to get a thicker mixture. Here we must constantly stir so that the mixture doesn´t stick to the bottom of the pot.

Ready! you already have your own vegetable cubes completely natural. You can take the cubes to the freezer in ice molds to make it easier to use in separate portions. You can also freeze everything together in a freezer safe container. Do not worry, in this case the mixture will be easy to take by portions since the salt won´t allow the mixture to get completely freeze.

Important note: Many of you asked me on instagram if it is not too much salt, but keep in mind that we will only use a teaspoon of all this mixture in each meal,  I can assure you using only a teaspoon in every meal it´s not too much salt, besides, one of the functions of the salt in this recipe is that, since we are going to take our cubes to the freezer, they don´t freeze completely and make it easier to use. If you don´t want to use salt, it’s okay you can do it, but the mixture will freeze completely and won´t be so easy to take it by portion. In this case I recommend that you take the mixture to the freezer in ice molds.



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