It’s been little time since autumn is here, but already I feel so far those days of summer full of magic in which I used to wake up with an endless illusion in those warm mornings wanting to jump out of my bed and go out to eat the world. But although autumn has arrived still in Madrid we can feel the heat of the sun and is perhaps one of the best times to explore its mountains and villages, as the weather is not so hot and the golden landscape and fallen leaves of the trees make even more beautiful the landscape.

There are so much things we can do in this beautiful Community of Madrid where the north mountain range is full of amazing and wonderful places with different activities in the middle of nature so that the children have a great time. The best thing about Madrid is that at any time, whether it be a weekend or even an afternoon you can escape to enjoy its beautiful corners, its magical towns that take you to another era and its beautiful nature.

Camping Monte Holiday

In the Guadarrama mountains, for me the most beautiful of Madrid, you will find an endless number of places to go with your children, from a quiet walk exploring all the fauna and flora of the area where children can learn while playing and exploring, climbing, canoeing, adventure park and much more! What better school than nature itself for children to learn of its wonders?!

Tree House, camping Monte Holiday

Everyone in this family, both children and I love nature, so this summer we decided to have our vacation in the mountains. Looking and looking we finally found an amazing place, a tree house! a cozy and beautiful cabin on the top of a tree at 7 meters high and inside the natural national park of Guadarrama. Our little tree house had stunning views, watching the sunset from its balcony was a dream! Imagine the excitement of the kids sleeping in a tree house in the mountains in the middle of nature!

We were so high ¡We loved it!


Having dinner at the tree house balcony 

The camping Monte Holiday in Gargantilla de Lozoya in the north mountain range of Madrid offers you a magnificent vacations in their little houses in the trees. The camping is super good, the food is very affordable and the menu very appealing for the little ones. If to that we add that they have animation all day for the children, the kindness of all the staff of the camping and its super ecological facilities; plus all the friends my children made there in such a healthy family environment and in the heart of nature, my children didn’t want to leave the camping! But unfortunately everything was already full and we couldn’t extend our stay, so I promised the kids that we would go back in another time.

Multiadventures park, camping Monte Holiday

In the camping Monte Holiday they have their own adventure park with zip lines, climbing, Tibetan bridges for children, circuit skills, group games and human table football. For Maria Jose who is the smallest was the first time in a park like this and the truth is that for her was a great challenge and she was a little afraid of climbing. At first I encouraged her to climb but then I understood that it was better to leave her at her pace and little by little she did only the circuit, but didn’t want to jump on the zip line. Sara and Alex, however, enjoyed all the activities at the adventure park.

Another activities we did and that we really loved was canoeing. We booked this activity in the reception of the camping and went with a specialized monitor who led us to Sequillo river, another of the beauties that you will find in the mountains of Madrid, a quiet river ideal for canoeing with children. It was our first time doing this sport so entertaining and I personally loved it. It gave my children that day relaxation for being always in contact with the water and nature, canoeing helps children to relax and disconnect. It also helps them to make their own decisions, to feel autonomous and to give them a lot of confidence in themselves. I felt so proud watching them rowing as a team and trying to coordinate to go hand in hand; it was very gratifying to observe how they were involved and followed the orders of the monitor who was also super surprised with how well the children did it.

Kayaking in Sequillo river


Camping Albergue del Valle de los Abedules

Last summer in this family we did many things for the first time and it was also the first time that Alejandro went alone to a camp for a whole week! It was very difficult for me to leave him there for so long. Although he was so happy, in fact he was delighted even knowing that he would not see me for a week, I could only think he was so small and that he might need me. The camp was in Bustarviejo, a small town also in the northern mountain range of Madrid and the camp is called Albergue Valle de los Abedules, (below I will leave the contacts in case you want to contact them and book for next year) There, Alejandro did climbing, beekeeping, horse riding, archery, hiking and canoeing. In an unforgettable environment immersed in nature. If some day you go to Bustarviejo, I also recommend you the restaurant Fuente del collado, is a beautiful place family oriented in Valle Hermoso, Bustarviejo. This emblematic restaurant is very famous for its fountain of seven pipes which provides spring water. They have kids menu and also vegetarian options. I tried the range eggs with boletus and it was delicious!


Restaurant Fuente del Collado
Bartender! Please serve us a cup of milk

But the Sierra Norte is not just for sports, you can also just go and relax on a Sunday afternoon. Another of my children’s favorite places are the Rascafria loops, this is an ideal place to go on Sundays, although I don´t recommend going during summer; entering the autumn and from the first week of September is much better, since in summer goes too many people and it is almost impossible to find a good site. The loops are a good place for bathing, relaxing or reading a book, while the kids are playing fishing in the river and chasing the ducks that comes there.

Las Presillas, Rascafria


My sunshines 

Nature teaches children to play freely, to be affective, to live in close relationship with other living creatures also created by God; improves creativity, reduces the stress that adds to the screens and video games and brings them better health. Whether it’s for sports, or just to rest, surely in the northern mountain range of Madrid you find a place for you!



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