Watching everything around me I realize how lucky I am to live in this world. I have had many ups and downs, sad moments and despair, but when I see everything that surrounds me is when I realize that I often focus too much on my problems, without realizing everything I have, what really matters; My children, the people who are always there, with whom I can count. There are so many wonderful things in the world that God created precisely so that I and all of us can enjoy them. Throughout our lives and our own different experiences we learn to see and think with the reason; A reason and a thought that will depend on what each of us have lived. Every time that reason moves us away more and more from our soul and as a result we forget how to think with the heart. That is why we are increasingly affected by psychological diseases, because as we all know, everything starts in our minds.

We find it difficult to find within us that place where our thoughts are of generosity, understanding, where we want to help others and want to be an inspiration and motivation for others. That place where there is no envy, nor evil; Where we are not divided, and we don’t think we are better than anyone. That place where we are one and as such, we help one another. A place Where the heart is our guide and the love the force that moves us. In that road we are pure, we are light; That is the way of the soul. But there is also another path to which we are more accustomed, the path where reason nullifies all of the above, in this way we consider the mind more important because we believe that is what makes us intelligent and therefore nullify the heart. In this other way we are often mechanical, envious, selfish and materialistic. We don’t think with the heart, but with the reason. Two different paths, to which we are exposed every day of our lives, every moment, everywhere. Which one are we choosing?
casitaWhen my older girl, Sara was small and I used to take her to the park, she always found a best friend. Maybe she didn’t know them at all! But they played a few hours of an afternoon and that was enough for her to consider it her best friend. That’s because her heart as a small girl is pure, sincere and sees everything with the eyes of love. But I couldn’t understand it and I laughed every time Sara told me that she had found a best friend; Since I saw everything with my reason; But how its possible that this girl finds a best friend wherever she goes? To become best friends you have to know each other, see each other every day and so on. But Sara’s feeling was her first thought, a feeling that came straight from the heart, she was small and still her mind didn’t  intervene to tell her, that couldn’t be her best friend. So Sara was leaving the park happy with a new best friend every day. As an adult and thinking with the mind, I used to annulled what Sara was telling me with her heart.

Today I remember that and I regret all the times I said to Sara “that can’t be your best friend” or “you can’t make a best friend in just a few hours playing in the park” Trying to pass on to my daughter what I had learned from my individual experience. Now I think, and why can’t someone find a best friend in the park?

I sometimes think that if all of us would see everything with the eyes of the soul, we could also find better friends wherever we go, communicate with our hearts and be united by love. How beautiful the world would be!

If we let ourselves be guided for our soul it will show us the way, but we must let our souls to guide the way. Then we would know a world that is not new but that perhaps we have been ignoring, a path full of miracles. I know that when I talk about miracles it comes to our mind something great, something that doesn’t happen very often; Something immense that changes our luck forever. But the truth is that there are every day miracles in our surroundings and those are the miracles that we must learn to recognize and appreciate in order to be happy.


If only we took the time to see everything from the soul, to value all the little things. Just imagine how many people can’t see the sea, how many people can’t see how the wind moves the leaves of the trees, or how the sun appears every day behind the mountains. To think with the soul is to be able to see a miracle in just a smile and a “good morning”. I know that this seems ridiculous to many, precisely because the mind is the only thing that moves us, leaving aside and completely ignoring the things that we can’t see with our eyes, the emotions and the sensations that cause in the body the beat of a generous heart, humble, joyful, full of gratitude with all that perceives around it. The bustle of life, our work, the disappointments we have experienced; Are just some of the reasons why we are moving away from our own heart and leads us to use only the mind as a path and guide. We all do what we learn, what our society teaches us; Teachings that we have learned since we were born. Imagine! We can’t change something that we have been shown and that we have done all our lives overnight. It’s ourselves who have to make the decision to let our hearts guide us and begin to walk the path of our soul. We must re-educate ourselves and understand that there is nothing wrong or ridiculous in seeing everything with the soul.

marSurely if we all decided to walk the path of our soul in our lives, right now we wouldn’t be so sad with the attack in Barcelona, ​​because if every of us would think with our heart, terrorism wouldn’t exist, terrorists wouldn’t exist, people wouldn’t want to kill each other, there would be no hatred, no differences. It will only be love.

We all have the ability to think with the soul, we can all be love and bring light wherever we go. We just have to decide it and it will happen.

I love you all!

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