As far as travel with children is concerned, on the web we find a lot of information about traveling with children by plane. But what about traveling by car? What about all those long hours on the road that the children have to stay inside the car when moving from one city to another?

Probably if you travel often with your kids, they are used to spending hours in the car from one place to another. However we can’t abuse of that and must avoid stress in our children, because if they are stressed you’ll stressed too and vise versa. So we always have to make the trip as pleasant and entertaining as possible for our children and for us as well. If you are a divorced mother like me, then you know that unlike on a plane, in a car probably you have to drive, which will make you even more tired. So take the trip with ease because when you reach your destination you’ll also be the one who would have to take care of the children. Olé Súper mom! 💃🏽💃🏽😂

These tips are designed so that your children and you, spend extraordinary moments on the road, taking into account that we shouldn’t wait only to reach our final destination to be happy and have a good time, as we also have to enjoy the road and create amazing memories on it that you and your children will keep in the hearts forever. If you follow these tips, not only you’ll be less tired, but also you’re going to have a great trip with lots of fun, positivism and bringing happiness to your children and therefore to yourself.

For happy and stress-free road trips, take note of the following tips:

1. –librosTake with you theirs favorite books and audio books. Before the trip let your children choose their favorite books. Audio books are great for when children are tired of reading or in case your child gets dizzy in the car and reading isn’t recomendable. Adventures and western stories are excellent awakening the imagination of the children. I normally use a website called Primaria, is in Spanish and we can find lots of things there. From classical tales, fables, new and original stories and there is a session that we love where we can read the typical and most reading stories of different countries in the world. In addition all the stories are also in audio format so they can also listen to it. At the end of each audio story, I ask them comprehension questions with which, I also manage to entertain them enough!

2. If the trip is very long, plan the route in advance and look for interesting places to stop on the way. National parks or forests are the bests for children to rest from the car in a natural and outdoor environments where they can exercise and stretch their legs, playing and running.

3. Road games. There are a lot of games that we can played while in the car; games that we all know because we used to play them when we were child. I remember when I used to play the “I Spy” game as a little girl. My kids now also love this game and we can be playing it for long time in the road. There are many other interesting games like “The game of the capitals” in which you simply say a country and the children have to say its capital or you say the capital and the children say to which country belongs. They have to compete for whoever have more guessing of countries and their capitals. “Tell me what I´m thinking” in this game you think of some object, animal or anything and the others have to ask you questions while you can only answer yes or not until someone guess what it is.

4. – fullsizerender.jpgFor this occasion don’t forget the electronic devices. I know it isn’t good to encourage children to use these devices, but for any trip, whether by car or plane, the iPad, DS and PSP are very helpful, since children can spend a lot of time entertained playing and learning with them. Before the trip you can download educational games which will depends on the age of each child; For María José I have downloaded one that she likes very much, is called Animals, from lego and she can learn the letters and how to read while she plays. The “king of Math” is a math game in a medieval environment for children from 7 years and up, where they have to solve multiplications, additions, subtractions and math puzzles.

5. -Respect their time to rest. If you want to stop, to eat for example, and the children are asleep, I recommend you to wait to stop when they are awake, Anyways,  if they´re  asleep they aren´t so hungry. Instead take this time to advance in your journey. When they wake up you are going to have time to have a great lunch, as they´ll be more rested.

And remember that a positive attitude and patience will make your trip with your little ones even more memorable ❤️


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