Hello friends! Here is summer and with it the almost three months of vacations of our children, which is great as long as we have planned in advance what to do with them. But many times this is´nt like that and summer arrive without anything organized. But don´t worry, entertaining the children is quite easy and with a bit of creativity you will see how you and your children spend an unforgettable summer vacations. In this post I will share with you activities that I do with my children both indoor, at home activities and outdoor. in order to provide ideas for a super entertaining summer, as we strengthen the bonds and enrich our relationship with them.

IMG_8040Sometimes when we are not clear what to do and we haven´t planned the vacation in advance, the summer can become a bit tense. Now the children are at home all day and demand much more attention, so they need to be active and immersed in activities that contribute to their healthy development. It´s important that the daily activities we choose go hand in hand with our lifestyle and the education we give them, but also that make them have a great time with fun and entertainment while teaching them new things.

The following activities are what we usually do at home. These are also important, because like outdoor activities, playing at home also facilitate our interaction with them, promoting learning, love and family fun. I will list only the most important and in which I usually put more emphasis to make them because I consider that they are the ones that adapt to the education that I want to promote in them.

Alex helping mami to cook

1. Cooking. Getting kids to help you in the kitchen can be quite an adventure for them. Let your children collaborate in the preparation of meals and you will see how much fun they´ll have! In our house the best time for this is at breakfast, as we wake up rested and with energy. Children are also more willing and cooperative.

Sara, Alex and María José, doing a painting for our living room.

2. Art! Letting children express their creativity through art is of utmost importance for their integral development. Allow your children to do a painting for the living room of your house or let them be the producers of their own theater performance; This will help them develop their self-esteem and feel more stimulated.

3. Meditation. It´s nothing new that meditating brings great benefits to children. Since my children began to practice medition, they are learning to be at peace with themselves, to concentrate better, to internalize and to observe their feelings. It has helped them in the stimulation of self-love and the love they give to everything around them. Also meditating allows them to know themselves, to feel valued, important and indispensable beings of creation.

4. Board games. We can spend hours playing! Our favorites are Chess, Monopoly, Party and Cluedo. These games promote team work, to accept that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose (this is still in process 😂) And something in which I work a lot with my children is always always always play clean, without traps (in this we are also in the process 😉).

Board game

5. Other Home Activities: Let them help you with your household chores. Assign homework during the summer and always; Like making their beds when they wake up, picking up their room, putting the dishes in the dishwasher are things that my children really enjoy (excluding Sara). Carrying out activities like this will help children be responsible and organized. These tasks must be done in a fun way, without any pressure and without forcing them, otherwise they´ll end up hating them. Remember that it´s summer and the most important is to have fun.

Contrary to the activities we do at home, activities outdoor will change depending on the interests of the children. As they grow older your children will be inclined to some activities or to others. When Sara and Alex were younger they loved the farm and to feed the animals, now it´s María José who enjoys this activity. With 12 and 9 years Sara and Alex respectively are more interested in physical performance activities. So this year and for everyone to be happy, we have come to a camp in the mountains of Madrid where we could find activities for the whole family.

Tree house

Installed in a hut on the trees at 7 meters high in one of the largest national parks in Madrid, where contact with nature is our priority, we are having a spectacular summer, enjoying the wonders of Mother Earth And doing outdoor activities. From morning walks that we do very early when the weather is still fresh; Kayaking, skill circuits, climbing and zip-lines in the adventure park; plus swimming and crafts in the wood. In all these activities the children learn to coexist with nature; In addition they share with other children in the camping and follow the instructions of the trainers, which teaches them to socialize, and to follow norms. Important skills for their integration into society.

Morning walk, exploring the camping.


Summer is about having fun!


IMG_0634 copia
Skill circuit 


Crafting in the woods

Vacations are vacations and they are about having fun and precisely rewarding all the effort that our little ones have made in school. Always remember to give your child a little freedom to choose which activity he or she likes to do. This will help to create in the child a sense of independence which is very important in the process of growth. Of course you are the parent and ¡you know the limits! But yes, it´s important for the child to start making small decisions and feel that you trust him or her, since that is how they will also learn to gain self-confidence.

Have a happy summer with your little ones and if you don´t have children have a happy summer too.

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