Have you become a vegetarian and need a meal plan? Me too!
Are you full of doubts and often don’t know what to do? Me neither!
Do you sometimes have temptations and doubts about your vegetarianism? Me too 🤦🏽‍♀️🙁

Don’t worry! Changing something that you have done all your life is not easy, but I want you to know that you are not alone and that is precisely why, in order to find inspiration and example and to be able to take better our new lifestyle, this summer I will include in my blog a new session of vegetarian food, easy, fresh, healthy and delicious to make your life more comfortable. Here I don’t pretend to teach you anything, rather I want us to learn together, to help ourselves and others to comply in the best way our decision of not eating animals and to make this world a better home for everyone. Understanding that to help each other, in the first place, we must respect and not judge.

This new session of my blog arises in order to create a healthy diet plan, to stimulate us to have a better diet without damaging the animals and through which we can also inspire others to create that change that allows us to live in harmony and love with all the living beings of this planet. Always respecting the decisions of each person and understanding that humanity won’t change overnight, everything is gradual and to create sustainable change in others is easier to do it by inspiring and not forcing them.

Stay tuned so you don’t miss any delicius recipe!

Love you!

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