It’s thankfulness Friday! And today I want to thanks for little boys. I don’t know if it happens to you, but as a mother I connect perfectly with my two girls, but the way I connect with my little boy, Alex, is something so special! And the thing is that apart from the fact that we moms are crazy about our little boys, they are also very affectionate with us. Alex is the one who always tells me nice things, it’s the one who can notice how good is the dinner that Mommy has made and no matter the kind of day that is doing, he is the one that wakes me up in the morning, saying “Mami it’s a wonderful day!” He calls me beautiful Princess, pretty mom, he says I love you all the time… Alex makes me feel the most special person in his life.

I am extremely grateful that one day like today my little boy Alex was born. He came to our lives, to rejoice us, to fill us with sweetness and much, much love.

Thanks for all the little boys that every day fill their Moms with coddle making of their days, sweet and full of affection days .

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


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