I have attended this retreat with the idea of ​​reassuring and clarifying my thoughts, seeking to find myself, to feel that God created me with a divine purpose and that I´m an important part of creation. All this along with the opportunity to start this journey with a tremendous spiritual teacher like Victoria Vives Khuong was what undoubtedly motivated me to go from Spain to California to begin this path.

It’s exciting to think about how this retreat changed the course of my life. Before I decided to start my spiritual path, I felt weak, tired, exhausted, in a very deep, dark hole without exit, I felt lost. Now coming back from Mount Shasta, California and after doing the Divine Starlight retreat Imparted and organized by the Haven on Earth Center in California, I suddenly found myself so wonderful, with a strength within me that I can´t explain. Knowing who I really am and feeling a woman full of light and with so much confidence in myself.  Many times we are stuck in a situation, until something comes and shakes us. Something that wakes us up and makes us see that staying in the same place with fear of making a decision will slows us down and sinks us even more. In this trip I learnt, apart from many others things that I´ll explain in this article, that we must always follow our heart even if the road seems difficult at first, because I assure you that the easier is not always what bring us happiness. Over time you will realize that the road that was uncertain and cloudy at first, once you take the decision to walk the path and take the first step, can become a clear road and easy to walk in.prueba

These were three wonderful days that I never will forget. In the midst of nature, sharing experiences with really extraordinary people, open-hearted and shining with their own light. To tell you the truth, at the beginning I was a little shy due to insecurity in myself, I felt a little intimidated to share with people so extraordinary and with a very high spiritual level, but fortunately, that´s precisely the kind of people who can see the light in everyone else, and I was happy to be with beings willing to see me without any label. There I was, away from home and with people who didn’t even know me at all, but who knew how to see me like no one has ever seen me before! Like a divine star full of light. The most beautiful thing is that I could also see them as how they really are: Divine Starlight!

I must warn you that these are my personal conclusions. As we often see things from our personal perspective, developed through our own live experiences. So we draw our own conclusions from what we had lived. This retreat removed many things stored in my heart and gave me tools to overcome situations in my personal life.

Below I list my personal conclusions on how this retreat help me and improve my life:

  1. It taught me to be brave and to follow my path, no matter where I am at this moment in my life, I can remove the veil that made impossible for me to recognize my true identity. I can decide to follow my heart, accept myself as I truly am and thus feel full.
  2. It reminded me that I am Light! Of course this retreat awoke my flame, a flame of light that today I can show to the world. It reminded me that I am a being of light and that I can take that light and give it to the world to heal and help.
  3. foto4I feel strong! The ground doesn’t shake, my heart doesn’t shrink when I think of my problems and the decisions I have to make. Now I know that my heart will guide me to safety, to where I should be, because if I feel it inside me as an impulse, if insists on coming to me even though I try to avoid it, if I can´t take it out of my mind no matter what I do, It´s because that´s my path calling me. Many times it is difficult to think about the future, especially when you are alone and you feel that you are fighting against the current. But now I feel like if someone is saying to me softly “You are not alone, don´t be afraid”. You know the fear is there, it´ll always be, it is inevitable, but now I know that fear is precisely one of the impulses that push me to act, I know that fear is the announcement that great changes are yet to come. So today I decide to grab my fears by the horns and face them as I am, a great warrior of light.
  4. Today I know how to require others to respect my space without hurting their feelings. Many times we let people opines about our lives and we do what they want just to be in peace with them, but perhaps we are giving up being at peace with ourselves just to please others. We didn´t come to this world to do what others think we should do, or to act like others think we should act. If I had listened the opinions of others when taking my decision of going to Mount Shasta to make the retreat I wouldn´t even have gone! My purpose in this life is to find my own path and once found that path follow it and walk it with my own feet. No one else can walk or live my path for me. Now to all those who have an opinion on the decisions I make in my life, I can tell them with respect and love; Your opinion about my situation may be important, but you are only seeing things from the outside, the one inside is me. I thank you for worrying about me, but it´s my life and I will do what I believe is right, what my heart dictates to me.
  5. I finally integrated to my life “What others think of me is not my problem”. This has a lot to do with the previous point. “What others think of me is NOT my problem” a phrase that I have been listened for a long time. I’ve heard it several times since I started with my coaching courses, but it was not until I was coming back from Mount Shasta after the retreat was over that I felt with enough confidence in myself  that nothing that others think about me will never make me doubt about myself again. No one can determine who you are more than yourself, so don´t listen to what others think of you.foto8
  6. I´m at peace. Of course, after learning to integrate into my life everything that I have said before, I can only be at peace. Now I have the certainty that I´m someone important to our creator and that I was created by the light to be light.

I feel so happy now and ready to continue my spiritual path that I have already registered for the Crystal Healing Certification clases! at http://www.crystalhealer.org also with Victoria and I am super excited!! I will keep you post about my progress.

I love you!

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