Learning to be a mother is a process that takes us all our life. It is a journey in which we’ll learn something everyday, where lived experiences, intuition and love will be our best and most reliable teachers.

As we become mothers, our whole life is restarted to begin to live it from a point of view of total dedication and devotion, in which our children are the main characters. Because it isn’t them who come and adapt to us, it is we that when they arrive have to adapt to them, completely redesigning our whole existence. Therefore, everything that was once important and primordial now doesn’t seem so much and even ourself become less important in our own life. And from now on our children will be, not the only thing, but the main thing. They will be the ones who unknowingly guide our decisions and you won’t decide anything without putting your children first.

I am one of those who thinks that, we as mothers, shouldn’t give up our dreams for our children, that we must always find the way to fulfill our goals and satisfy ourselves while we do our mother´s duty and make our kids happy. But I have to confess, and I know that this happens to many of us; Sometimes I feel trapped hands and feet when making some decisions. Yes, It´s wonderful to be a mother and for us is the best gift, the greatest blessing, but the immense love of a mother also carries great sacrifices.

motherWhen we become a mother instinctively we trace new goals, giving a new twist, a new interpretation to everything we will do from now on, because something very true is that we mothers see life with other eyes, we have another perspective: a perspective of devotion, unconditional love and sacrifice. Driven by love, we proceed to give up things we never thought we would do for anyone else. But this is something we do without resistance and naturally guided by the love to our children. As there is no profession that teach us how to be a mother, nor any brochure with instructions, it is our heart that tell us what to do, how to take decisions, educate and prepare our children to live life and face the world. Although, the truth is that many times I have the feeling that it is my children who teach me how to live life. It is them who, with their great innate wisdom, show me how to walk through this world. While I learn every day with amazement of their games, their purity, their joy, their way to love, their sincerity, their imagination, their way of facing obstacles, their way of learning and carefully observing everything around them, from their unexpected questions, which I don’t know how to answer 🙃and especially from their way of enjoying and living the moment. A child isn’t always thinking about the past or worried about the future, a child focuses on the here and now. A child knows how to live.

Despite of having three children of 13, 8 and 5 years old, I feel that I still don’t know anything about being a mother, I’m full of doubts and fears. Maybe you see me out there so confident and with everything under control when I´m with my children, but I really have no idea what I’m doing 😂. The thing is that, for me, being a mother is something we learn from day to day; Every day you will find something totally new and unexpected that you won’t know how to react. Like everything in life, it is precisely in those uncertain times and full of doubts in which we learn becoming a better person and therefore a better mother.

In my defense 😄 even if we are full of doubts, the virtues of a mother surpass all limits and human understanding. A mother is strength, we can experience the pain of our children as if it were our own; A mother is devotion, she gives herself to her children completely and voluntarily, giving up her own dreams in order to fulfill her children’s. Finally, a mother is unconditional love, being the love of a mother the most powerful bond between two human beings. A love much greater than self-love, a love that surpasses any barrier, any situation, a love that never end, in the contrary, grows every day.

Mother’s love is an instinct that always protects and does the best for her children under all circumstances. So, when you don´t know which decision to take, listen to your heart and remember that everything that comes from the heart is good, and it’s in there that all mother instincts grow.

Love you all!

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