Loneliness makes us focus on ourselves. Helps us to begin a personal conversation with our inside, giving us the opportunity to develop our self-esteem and learn to enjoy ourselves.

Today I want you to see loneliness as something positive, from which we learn to respect and value our own selves, gives us strength, helps us to know ourselves better and improves our self-esteem. I assure you that if you learn to value your loneliness, you will become addicted to it.

On this thankfulness Friday we´ll thank for our loneliness. Thanking for all the good things that this state bring us. We´ll do it with a prayer that you can repeat whenever you feel alone, knowing that today we are alone because we have to learn something about ourselves and knowing that our loneliness has no intention other than to contribute greatly to our personal growth.

Thanks for my loneliness

Thanks for my loneliness. For the opportunity to see myself and find out who I am.

Thanks because in my loneliness, I can meditate to find my way.

Thanks because in my loneliness, I clear my mind and find myself with my soul, with my true self.

Thanks because in my loneliness I can meditate and elevate my consciousness, recognizing my thoughts, emotions and actions and allowing myself to connect from the heart, with my environment and with all the people around me.

Thanks because in my loneliness I can redesign myself and learn to be a wise woman, confident, but above all, making me a woman full of light and love.

Thanks because, even not knowing him yet, I know and I´m absolutely certain that the man who will dance with me the dance of love for the rest of my days, exists. And when the time to be together comes, we´ll feel that our whole life prepared us for that moment and that thanks to everything we are living and learning in our loneliness, we’ll be perfect for each other. Knowing that I don’t need him and he doesn’t need me, respecting and valuing ourselves as individual beings.

Thanks, thanks, thanks

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