In my constant pursuit of happiness I have learned that in order to appreciate my light I must have known my darkness, and believe me, my dark side is very strong. But it is by recognizing that I can now see my great light and know that it is even brighter and stronger than my darkness. I am an optimistic person of unbreakable faith, but it’s that same attitude of positivism and the belief that I can do anything, that sometimes knocks me down, because sometimes it doesn’t matter how positive or optimistic we are, or how much we work to get what we want, or not even how much faith we have, if they are not meant to be for us; they won’t come. At least not at the time that we want them. Time? Why not now? What do I have to do to get it? What do I have to do to deserve it?

I have almost never asked myself that question. Why wouldn’t I deserve it? I am a person who tries always to do good, I am kind, I´ve never wish or done bad things to others… But in my head was still the question: do I deserve it? And it was then that I began to inquire and felt there was something else. Because it´s not only whether I´m a good person or not, it´s about if I´m fulfilling my purpose here on earth, whether I´m unconditional service and love with the people, with animals, with the earth and with everything that dwells in the universe .

toscanaSometimes we only live to work, we think working is the only thing we came to do to this world. We work day and night, dreaming of a better future, with a better tomorrow, thinking that if we work hard and without rest, someday we will get what we want, without realizing that only by balancing our physical and mental work can we achieve what our heart longs for. It is true that we have to work and play an active role in the realization of our dreams, working hard, knocking on doors, closing some others, etc. But all this without forgetting our divine purpose, without forgetting that not matter how much we fight, we´ll get what we want only when we are ready to receive it. We must fight and work knowing that from time to time we must stop and meditate, knowing that we must stop in front of ourselves and see us from the outside to the inside. So we can see what we are becoming, to see if we hasn’t lost ourself on the way forgetting who we are and what we really want. Because of too much work we can get unfocus and unbalanced and to keep the strength and desire to move forward our body, mind and heart must be unified so that we can always choose the best way and know how to act. In order not to lose ourselves and deviate from the path we must balance and harmonize our physical and spiritual work.

I believe in this call, I believe that we all have a purpose. I believe that everything that comes to me is because God put it in my way. And all the things that doesn´t come is because God is preparing me to receive them in another moment, at the perfect time.

I also believe that everything I want, everything I long for, everything that make my body tickle when I think about it, it was God who put it in my heart and in my mind. He put it there like a seed that he knows would grow and grow. Is him who, although my greatest desire doesn´t come, He doesn’t want me to forget it, he doesn’t want me to surrender, he doesn´t want me to stop fighting for the things I want, so that later I can appreciate and value all the good things that comes to my life.

IMG_8798God is the light within us, is the breath that keeps us alive, is the energy that makes our faith grow and that nourishes our dreams and hopes. The same energy that is found in all living things in the universe.

I wish we were all aware of that breath of love that dwells within us, so that we discover our divine purpose. I wish we could feel that energy that gives life to all things in the universe and that is within us. To love each other forever, feeling that we were born with that air that we need when we gasp looking desperately for a breath when we feel an uncontrollable emotion of love. The breath of love that lives and will live forever within us.


  1. Dear Maria, your article feels like an ode to love: loved your last two paragraphs in particular. I enjoyed reading the whole article.


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