This weekend was so exhausting! Sara has had her first rhythmic gymnastics competition, everything went great!! Sara was happy to be in her first competition. But it was so long! Since we left home at 2:00 o´clock in the afternoon to take the bus, until 23:15 pm that we returned, I was over tired! But, although it was tiring, It was worth it! Sara was happy and she brought home a silver medal. They actually won bronze, but by mistake, they gave Sara a silver one. I invented myself, that God thought that it was what Sara really deserved for all her effort. Hahaha He is like that, he won´t give you less than what you really deserve! Even if a jury says so. 😉

Well, talking about the trip, I decided to go to the competition in the bus of the academy, because I would have been much more tired If I had gone there driving myself. And this is something I recommend if you have athlete children who have to move from one city to another to participate in competitions like these. Because driving is very tiring and you would get home even more weary.


It was beautiful to see all the girls giving the best of them in the competition, from the little ones of 4 and 5 years old, wearing their colourful leotards, to the big girls, that already you can see their nervous faces when competing. Because when they are small they  only go to have fun and dance, all smiling and proud to see their parents in the public screaming and clapping of excitement. However, when they grow up they know what they are doing, they know that they are competing and that makes them very nervous.

sara articulo1
I´m a good paparazzi mom!

Nerves are sometimes unavoidable, but we must transmit to our children that no matter what happens in their competition, they are unique and unequaled beings and that the value that they have as human being is much more important than winning a medal. In stressful situations in which our children feel forced and committed to give the best of themselves especially in the age of pre-adolescents and adolescents, these tips can help you avoid nervousness in children.

  1. Respect the way they are: To avoid nerves in children in competitions like these, it is important that we respect their way of being and give them the space they need. If your child still doesn´t care about the fact hat you come close to take pictures of them with their friends, go ahead do it, but on the contrary, if you see that the child isn´t comfortable and is embarrassed when mom come to take pictures (as is my case 😔) then don´t do it, or rather put on your paparazzi mom costume and do it on the sly. Yes, I know that we feel sad and even think that it´s unfair. We make a lot of efforts for our children, so that, at the end, they don´t even allow us to take them a simple photo? What a cruel life! Hahahaha Yes, I’m a dramatic mom… 😂 I opted to take photos from a distance without approaching Sara, when I wanted a more formal photo of her posing in her leotards, I went and told her secretly that I wanted to take a picture of her, so we moved away from the group and I took the photo. Well, it actually cost me a little to convince her and I even got a little bit angry… very little, well I’m human and this part of having a child growing so fast and so much, they didn´t give it to me in class. 🙄
  2. sara7Stay out: We can take care of them from a distance, you don´t have to be on top of them, they are already teenagers and we have to give them space. In events like these and in our case, girls go with their coaches who usually take care of them and are very attentive with the girls. But don´t go so far, because it´s your child and you must be close in case he or her needs you. On the bus for example, her aunt (who also came to the big event) and I didn´t sit next to Sara, she was at the back with all her friends and the coaches, they were having a great time. I heard them laughing and in such a good vibe that I knew that everything was ok, I didn´t have to be on top of Sara to know and realize that she was fine and in a safe environment. Besides, I already know the coaches, I see them every day, we are always in touch and I know the love and care they always give to the girls. You can look at them, smile at them, let them know that mom is there as always! But giving them their own space.
  3. Give them confident: This is very easy because just being there, supporting them so they can see that “I will always be here” will make them feel loved and supported. Only with your presence you´ll make them the most confident children in the world.
  4. Let them feel how proud you are of them: in a moment that you can be alone with him or her, it´s good to tell how proud you are of them! This will increase their self-esteem even more. And the nerves will pass!saramedalla
  5. Enjoy and put yourself comfortable: as I said before, it is a very long day and the best is to spend it as comfortable as possible. If you feel well, it will be easier to send to your child good vibes and positivism. Because if you are calm, so will them. Many times, in these kind of events mothers are more nervous than the children, it is important that you stay calm. This is not the day to scold them, remember that they´re also feeling pressured for the competition.

With these tips you will see how your child spends a great day of competition. Happy and without stress, giving more importance to what they are worth as a person and how much they mean to you, than to win a simple medal.

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