Happiness … what we all look for, but not all can find. Do you know why we can’t find it? Well, simply because happiness is not something you can search. You won´t find it in that work you long for, or with the man of your dreams, or winning the lottery. Happiness is not something you are going to find at the end of the rainbow. To be happy, you simply have to BE happy, to feel happy every moment of your life, without expecting that anything or anyone give you that happiness; because at the moment that you won’t longer have that job, or when you don´t have a penny in your pockets, or when that man, who you thought was the love of your life, no longer wants to be with you, you’re going to stay completely sunken and unhappy. Happiness is something that you live every day, regardless of the circumstances that life brings you.

“We were created with all the necessary tools to be happy”

Human being has all the tools to be happy. I am sure that our creator is an infinitely happy being and I know it because someone who is so creative, so capable of creating all the extraordinary things that he created, like you and me, has to be someone very happy, because we only create when we are happy. I don´t imagine God weeping of sadness while creating the world, that would not make sense. If so, then the sky would be gray and not blue, the trees would probably be opaque and without any color, the sea would be black … what an horror! But no, the world that God created is beautiful and full of color! And he set us in this land so abundant to get all what we need.

“The world that God created is beautiful and full of colors”

Apart from all of the above, He also gave us gifts so that each of us could create our own happiness. He gave us the gift of the smile, so everybody can smile. A smile is not something we have to buy so we can laugh! We all laugh because it is something that is within us, we were made to laugh. Another gift that we were given when we were created was love, to love ourself and to love others, love is part of us. The ability to laugh and to love was given to us at the time of our creation.

To feel is another ability we were given. We feel an inevitable tickle when we are close to the person we love, we feel emotion even when visualizing what we want, because we don´t even have to have something to feel it, just thinking about it, visualizing it, we can feel the same emotion as if we have it in real life. And what about faith? They say that faith is the last thing we lose and that is because in fact we never lose it. It doesn´t matter how bad we are, even if we are going through the worst moments of our lives, we will always have that little voice inside telling us “everything will be ok” and it’s like that! We never know when things can change for the better, we never know when that miracle we are expecting can come. But not because it doesn’t come, or comes slowly, we stop having faith. Faith is not something that we lose; We hear people saying that they have lost faith, but it’s not truth! Because  we also carries faith within, is part of us.

“Bad thigns come as a warning, as a wake up call, to make us realize that perhaps we are not in the path we really want to be”

So, why having all the above and even more, we can´t be happy? Why being created by an infinitely happy being, we can not be happy? Simply because we choose not to be. We chose not to be happy.

I know well that life often becomes complicated and goes out of our hands; A desease, a love that goes away, the death of a loved one; but I am sure that happiness is a decision and if we decide to be happy, we will be happy under any circumstances. It´s all about, as the Spanish say, to turn the tortilla around, which means, to always see the good things in every situation; if we are experience something bad, just turn it around and try to find the positive things about it. And it´s because “the bad things” always come to teach us something, about us, about how we are living our life. Bad things come as a warning, as a wake up call, to make us to live life as we really  want to live! Because many times we leave “for later” the things that we really want and what make us happy, and I put for later in quotation marks because it turns out that that “for later” never comes! It never comes until something bad happens to us and we look back to realize that we have not done anything of what we really wanted.

Alcazar de colon, Santo Domingo, DR.

We choose how we want to live. We can choose to use all those gifts that were granted to us from our creation for good or for bad; We can choose to smile or not, we can choose to love or to hate, we can choose to feel positive emotions or negative emotions, we can choose to have faith, to empower ourselves and to create an extraordinary and abundant life or we can choose to be victims and to blame others of all the misfortunes that happen in our lives.

Therefore, my dear ones, let us choose to be happy under all circumstances. May our happiness not depend on anything or anyone, only on ourselves. Because once the decision is made to choose the path of happiness, it will not matter what comes. We will be invincible.

With love,


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