I know that you are a wonderful mother, but in these times we also have to be cool and do things to make our children feel how close of them we want to be. From going all over the city in search of borax (sodium tetraborate) for an experiment, to running quickly to catch a pokémon because “mami is new and I don´t have it”!

We are no longer in those times when parents put barriers between them and the children, with a strict and controlling education that completely annulled a healthy relationship between parents and children and generated insecure and low-esteem kids. Now, it is important to understand our children and please them in a way that they feel that we care a lot about the things they do and the things they like. It is important that children feel important and leaders, yes, it is true that we have to set limits and I am one that may put too many, but we must also let children feel that they can imagine and create, this will give them confidence in themselves and reinforce their imagination.

So, how cool are you? Take this test and find out.

  1. Your pre-teen daughter comes home from school very excited because she has passed a very difficult math test with a B. When you see how excited and happy your daughter is, you:

bA) Ask her why a B? Why not a A?

B) You say: When I was your age I always had A, you should try harder the next time.

C) You get excited and hug her, telling her how proud you are because you know how hard she tried.



2. When choosing the bedtime story, You:

A) Which story? There is not story! Go straight to bed!

B) You always choose. It’s better the stories that teach them to obey.

C) You let them choose one that they like. So that reading become something that gives them pleasure and enjoyment.

3. Your son tells you so excited that there is a new Pokémon nearby. You:

pokemonA) Tell him that you’re busy and you do not have time for those things.

B) You get hysterical and nervous and tell him not to play with that because it is very dangerous.

C) Alex, take your coat and lets go! that Pokémon can´t escape!

4. Your daughter loves to do experiments! She wants to do one she has seen on YouTube, but an ingredient super hard to find is missing. You:

img_3436A) Ask her: is that from school? Because if it´s not for school, it is not important.

B) You say: my daughter, those experiments can end very badly, better go and play with your dolls, they are not dangerous.

C) You look for that ingredient by all means if you can´t find it in a store, you order it online.

5. Your little girl loves to come to your bed, although you do not allow her every day, you:

A) Never! She in her bed and I in my bed.

B) I allow her to come to my bed all the time.

C) Once a month you let her come to your bed, after all, you also like to sleep next to her and feel her tender hugs.

6. When doing homework with your children, you:

A) I never help them, nobody helped me when I was their age.

B) I am with them always, in every moment. And if it very difficult, I do the homework for them.

C) I let them do their homework by themselves. To give them more independence I go, but always watching them, and if they need my help, I explain to them how its have to be done and encourage them to try again.

7. Your children are playing video games and finally manage to defeat the villain who has kidnapped the princess. They are so excited and jumping all over the place! You:

A) Stop jumping or I´ll turn off the game!

B) I never let them play with video games, it makes them become zombie.

C) You celebrate with them making a pretend arrow and running in the living room as if were a soccer field, Rrrrrra!
8. What do you think of yourself compared with other mothers?

A) I think I´m better than all of them.

B) I think other mothers are better than me.

C) I feel proud of my qualities as a mother and don´t compare myself with any other.


Majority of C

You are the coolest mom!

img_3426You don´t hide your feelings and let them flow so that your children feel wrapped and loved by you. You put limits, yes, but without overprotecting them and giving them freedom when is necessary, so that they feel confident about themselves. Your children know that you are always with them and that they can count on you to solve any difficulty, but only after they have tried for themselves. You understand that the duty of a mother is to guide, to teach and to show the path, so children learn to walk it feeling capable. In addition you are sure of yourself and, even if you do not have a manual to raise your kids, you follow your instincts, because after all, the most important for you is that both children and you are happy and live in a healthy environment full of love. Your children will be happy adults, self-sufficient and full of confidence.

Majority of B

Even if you think so, You are not cool!

img_3439You are very overprotective and also a little pessimistic, you think that everything that is fun is dangerous and without any doubt, you love to always have them under your wings, because you think that’s what a mother has to do. You watch everything they do, but in an overwhelming way and sooner or later you will end up drowning your children. You make most of the decisions that concern them. If you do not want them to become completely dependent, you must give them some autonomy. Try to listen to them and give them a voice, so they do not become adults fearful of life.

Majority of A

You are not cool at all!

img_3438You have chosen a fairly strict education and often impose your will, a little flexibility would not be bad for you. You must stop comparing your children with yourself when you were a child, because it is not your life and you and your children are not the same. You must remember that your children are here to live their own story, their own life experience and that does not have to be the same as yours. Perhaps you also had a strict education and as a child, you were not heard, but don´t do the same with your children. Remember that to scold them is not to educate them and with your bad temper the only thing you will do is that your children grow up full of insecurities like you. Start by having more free time to spend with them and try to listen to them more and give importance to their opinions.

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