María Caribe is my own brand of handmade necklaces. Here I present to you my first collection to which I called “Connection” as a tribute to the earth and my constant quest to connect with her. The earth gives us many gifts among them gems which, in addition to transmitting the energies that the earth bestows on it, these are aesthetically beautiful, colourful and eye-catching and its beauty gives us a lot of elegance.

Each gem has different properties that allow us to heal and balance body, mind and soul and have been of vital importance in the lives of different civilizations, which have attributed to them many positive powers, from the ability to heal physical problems, to connect with the divine and to give us energies that cheer up our spirit.

Let us always remember that power is within us and are us with our good vibrations and positive thoughts that we will fill ourselves with those qualities that we so desire, leaving the gems acting as enhancer of those qualities and virtues.

María Caribe’s first collection “Connection” by María Rondón is handmade with lots of love, in it, besides creativity, I have put all my heart. Each of these necklaces are unique and are not repeated.


1. Rayo Violeta: This double necklace and choker is made with amethyst, which physically represent the violet alchemical ray of transformation. Amethyst fills the environment with relaxing vibrations neutralizing the negative energies and releasing the blocked energies. Feel transformed with this modern and alternative necklace. € 25 Remember that magic is within you!

2. Estrella
: Simple and refined with amethysts and finishes in sterling silver. Feel the power of the amethyst at the same time that you look beautiful and elegant. 30.00 € Remember that magic is within you!

Amethyst Earrings: 15.00 €

3. Lluvia: Feel a rain of positive energies flow from you with this beautiful amethyst choker. Sold separately. Choker. 25.00 €. Bracelet: 15.00 €. Earrings: 10.00 €

4. Tamara: This choker and all necklaces in pink quartz in this collection are to support women with breast cancer and a percentage of their sale will go to an organization of women suffering from this disease.


Tamara is a choker that overflows with good vibes and positivism. The pink angel in it will help you to feel the unconditional love of your guardian angel, since the pink quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is the most important mineral for the heart chakra and teaches the true essence of love. Rose quartz works by extracting the negative energies and replacing them with amorous vibrations. 20.00 € Remember that magic is in you!

5. Corazón rosa: Feel and become a being of love with this beautiful quartz necklace. Choker with a long necklace reaching the heart. 25.00 € Remember that magic is in you!


6. Princesa rosa: Feel the power of pink! Feel the power of quartz! Sold separately.
Choker: 20.00 € Remember that magic is in you!

Pink quartz bracelet: 15.00 €
Pink quartz earrings: 8.00 €

7. Sara: Just as my daughter Sara likes it! This simple choker with pink quartz stone is youthful and modern. Ideal for girls and to introduce them to this world of positive vibes and love transmitted by the gems. 15.00 € Remember that magic is in you!
8. Alegría: Increase confidence in yourself with this beautiful labradorite necklace. The labradorite gives you support and inner strength, it also reduces stress and anxiety, helps you to have good memory and gives you the ability to feel deep emotions. This stone helps us to connect with ourselves, strengthens our aura and helps us to meditate and elevate our consciousness. 40.00 € Remember that magic is in you!

9. Sensaciones: Strong positive feelings! is what you will feel when wearing this labradorite necklace and crystal heart. 30.00 € Remember that magic is in you!

Labradorite earrings: 8.00 €

10. Azul: Choker in lapis lazuli with extension in the back to show with back nude clothes. Lapis Lazuli helps you unlock your emotions and feel more intuitive by helping the consciousness to reach its own power. In meditation, it facilitates the path to wisdom and balances moments of uncertainty and skepticism. This stone is associated with power and wisdom, it helps you to increase the connection with your interior by inviting you to introspection through meditation and to trust in your spiritual guides. 30.00 € Remember that magic is in you!

Bracelet with Lapis lazuli: 20.00
lapis lazuli earrings: 15.00 €

11. Cielo: The colors and energy of this necklace in Lapis Lazuli will make you feel close to the sky. 20.00 € Remember that magic is in you!

Lapis lazuli earrings: 10.00 €

It is important to say that after working and manipulating the gems in these necklaces, I use the Tibetan bowl to reactivate their energy. The Tibetan bowl with its sound and vibration serves to clean, harmonize and recharge the power of the gems.

For now this collection is only available for sell in Spain.

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