My children and me welcome you to this home full of love, good vibes and fun!

This is Sara, 11 years old. The eldest and pre-adolescent daughter. She is a dancer and gymnast. She loves sports and her favorite hobby is to be with her friends making videos and doing experiments.


And here is the man of the house! Alejandro is 8 years old. He is warm-hearted and caring and is the one who always tells me how much he loves me and how good my food is. He likes doing charities for children in need and he loves to read and play video games (specially play video games).


María José of 5 is the smallest. She likes dancing, do theater and costumes; She can improvise a performance in 5 seconds and the public always loves it! She also likes to talk and to talk and to talk and she never stops talking! And with that tender little voice, you feel like listening to it all the time.


We live with our cats, Shoshop and Sky. Shoshop, Mr. Shoshop for you, let´s keep the respect, is fun, playful and cuddly. Sky is a bit shy, she is also cuddly, very smart and sweet. As soon as she hears lots of noise, which is rather most of the time in this house, she goes and hide. You see she is smart! I wish I could do that too.

Mr. Shoshop after being brushed by María José
Sky, enjoying the views





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