Hello girls!

Thanks a lot for being here! In this space I will be posting videos every Friday giving thank for all the blessings in our life. We have so many things to feel grateful for, but many times we do not realize it, focusing always on the negative things that happens to us. From now on every Friday we will thank God together.

With your collaboration, we will give thanks for the infinite blessings that we receive every day in our lives. Recognizing God, the universe, for being so generous to us.

Gratitude works like a magnet attracting more of the good things for which we are grateful, and we can also give thanks for the things we do not have yet, for our dreams. We must give thanks with great faith, feeling it as we already have it. Giving thanks for the things we want, we attract them much faster, we can accelerate its manifestation.

The idea is that we get use to being grateful and that our heart always feel full of gratitude. Since gratitude is always positive, being grateful will keep us vibrating with positive energies and happy.

We will do this together, so every week send me an email with the things for which you are grateful for to my email mariarondonr777@gmail.com with your name and where you are writing from, and I will post them here in this space every Friday.

Thanks for reading me! and see you on Friday.


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