In these days of world stress I felt the need to get closer to the earth; To pure, real, simple and immense nature. It is incredible the power of nature to help us to get closer to what we really are, to make us go back to simple and to stop thinking about the complexity of the world we live in. As, there, alone with her, it’s you and really you. In nature you become patient and calm, it is the opposite of the city and that uneasy movement in which we always live.

Canencia, Madrid, Spain

In nature we can feel the union, the balance, the complicity, because observing nature we can see that all the animals that live in it are actually so connected, and all the creatures together to each element of the earth are one. Being submerged nature is when you realize how powerful it is to work all in unison and always thinking of others, because each element on it benefits the other and enriches it.


For some reason I feel that nature also calls me. Because it does not matter how far away we are from it, immerse only in our day to day tasks that are increasingly distant and disconnected from that center that gives us everything; Sooner or later we will want to return to connect with it, because that is where we belong to the natural and simple. Everything material and superficial has been created by man and is not where we belong.

Limburg lahn, Germany

To connect with nature means also connecting with the animals that inhabit it, for it is impossible to connect with that environment without accepting and respecting the creatures that live in it, precisely because all are one, all are connected and no one of them could live without the other.

The same happens to us, we do not realize that everything that each of us do affects or benefits the other, that we are all connected. But we are so selfish that this is something we do not want to accept and it is precisely what is leading humanity to live in constant chaos. We do not want to accept that we were created to be community, to be sisters and as such to live in love. The same love that the rain give to the earth when fertilize it, the love that the trees give when cleaning the oxygen, the love that gives the sun to the animals when it warms them, the love that the moon gives to the earth when maintaining the different ecosystems in equilibrium.

Montaña Redonda, Dominican Republic.

And it is not that we don´t know what we came to do to this world, I think we know it, but it seems better to live in competition and constantly showing “that we are better than the other” creating toxic labor environments, humiliating others because they are different, they eat different and have different believes to ours. Raising walls with our hatred and airs of grandeur, as if that were the important thing! As if that’s what we came here to do!

We, like the moon, the sun, the trees, the rivers, were created to belong to this ecosystem, we are part of it! We came here to give! Just as we receive all the benefits of the earth and nature.

My girls, the earth is perfect and that perfection is precisely because of the connection between it and all the things that inhabit it, including us.

I do not know what you believe in, but I believe that I was created by God in his image and therefore, I have so much love and kindness within me as well as power to connect with the earth and with everything that surrounds me. I believe that I am an important part of this world and that with my everyday actions, I can get closer to purity, to the real and truth things, to nature; In order to be able to be in peace and connect with the universe. But I will only do that, if I connect with everything around me from love.

San Cristobal, Dominican Republic.
Ecological path, Madrid, Spain.



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