Hello and welcome to my blog! I am Maria and this space is an open door to my heart. It’s my expression, it’s my freedom. Here I intend to share experiences that contribute to your awakening and to your personal growth. To help you realize how immensely valuable you are, how immensely perfect, how immensely beautiful, and that like everything created by God, you are a miracle.

I am a woman making my way to my dreams, to the things I always wanted that, for some reason, it is now that I feel that I can achieve it. It is at this moment of my life that I feel the excitement, the nervousness and that current in all my body when thinking about them, perhaps because it is when I have decided to go towards its realization with a huge desire.

img_5185First and full time I am the mother of Sara, Alex and Maria Jose. Part-time I am graduated in advertising with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Marketing. Blogger, designer, producer and co founder of Top Marketing, blog of communication and marketing.

I am exactly like you; Strong and fragile, happy, although sometimes I’m sad, I’m a not crazy, but I love doing crazy things.

My personality is the result of everything I have lived, good and bad; Is the consequence of the places I have traveled and its flavors and the people that have pass for my life.

I believe in dreams, but I believe even more in your own power to realize them. I believe in love! In intense love! That love that pushes you to cross the world to find it, that love that remove all the obstacles, I believe in pure and truth love.

But how could I not believe in love when I have been so lucky?! Well although divorced and single, I have three wonderful children of whom I am the great love of their life! Tell me if that is not lucky!

img_9109Yes, I have a big family and by choice! Because I like children and I would have more if I could. I’m very clever and I can work in the middle of shouting like: mamaaaa please get me the tower! Mamaaaa Alex hit me! And of children fights for toys or for taking the remote control of the TV. That does not distract me, on the contrary it inspires me more because it is what I write about; what? Are you thinking this is not possible? Follow me and you will see what it is like to be a super peace negotiator ✌🏽(Otherwise, the house would explode) accountant, administrator, nurse, driver, chef, life coaching, teacher, broken toy surgeon, psychologist… well all that or what you normally call a mom.


I come from a country where the sun always shines brightly, and you can feel its rays on your skin like an energy shot. I am from a country of eternal summer, where the landscape is confused with a beautiful postcard. I am from mountains and sea, sudden storms and bright blue sky. I come from where merengue and bachata fall in love with love songs.

My heart is full of beautiful butterflies that motivate me to fight for my rights, as the Mirabal sisters did until their death.


I am from sugar cane, güira and drum and from where people draw you the sun with a smile and their big heart.

That´s the reason why #Ibringthesun

I hope to reach your heart.

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