We are just beginning the year and I feel like the previous year is so far, as a very, very far away dream; and as if this new year were a high-speed train and that I would had to run at giant steps and very fast to reach it and be able to board on it. It seems to me as if this new year were already old, but it is just beginning.

With so many projects in mind, I need to focus and mentalize myself because I have the feeling that many events are happening so quickly and I’m still thinking about what I´m going do this year, but I have not really taken any action, Waiting I do not know what! It is only me who has felt this way or do you feel the same way too? As if time is passing so quickly that I´m left behind.

I know that in many cases we push ourselves too hard in order to conclude all the projects that we have in mind with success and that pressure is what makes us feel blocked and confused. But it is not only our professional projects that concern us, our mother duties, trying to always do what it best for our children, the housework, finances, our relationships, world events and our daily desire of being better and better, of being more connected to the light, to the good, to the spiritual, to God. All that, even if you do not realize it, are things that we are thinking all day and night.

When we feel we are blocked it is because our mind goes very fast but for some reason we do not take any action. At other times, however, we do so many things putting all our effort because we think that everything can be forced, but still we do not see any result and that can leads us to a state of confusion that can make us feel defeated and make us want to give up. But not! giving up is not even an option. We just need to stop for a little while, meditate and organize our ideas.


There are many things that affect us and make us feel frustrated and although we know that we can not do anything about them, it is impossible to remove them from our mind; Why wars? Why so many children are dying in Aleppo? Why did Trump won the presidency? Are there so many intolerant people in this world? Why so many injustices? Why, why, why! But calm, remember that we are not the owners of the world nor we invented it and we have no control of many things that happen on it.

I know well that 2016 was a year full of unexpected surprises, as if the dark had reached the world, and that 2017 still looks blurry and full of uncertainty. With cold, malicious, violent, uneducated, disrespectful and greedy leaders, that rule from hatred, thus arousing in the weakest people the rancour that incites them to live from fear, from the dark. We’ve come to that part of the movie where things can not go any worse. But it is precisely at that moment when the heroes emerge and suddenly rescue us from what seemed to be an inevitable death. Okay, but that only happens in movies, you may think; Yes, but in real life there are heroes too, real superheroes that fight against evil, educating their children with love, heroes whom show their families how to live in peace, in truth, in light, heroes that with faith can create the harmony that this world needs, because they know that only light can end the darkness, they know that only by illuminating the world with their own inner light, they can create a dignified society in which their children can live in peace and happiness.


So we can no longer hope that someone will come to save us, because only ourselves can rescue the world from the darkness, and we do this starting first with our families, rescuing our children from indifference, vanity, cruelty, hatred and guiding them with our heart to the light, showing them that love is the only option.


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